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  • Monday, 14 July 2014


    Out our backyard on July 12th just before 9pm in Pahrump NV. We had gone outside to walk our dogs when my wife first noticed the object in the sky and called me over. The Object was dark and appeared to be very large and hovering. We filmed for about half hour before it got to dark to view it . We heard no noise and we observed flashing lights of white ,green and red. I have never seen anything like this and in itself was pretty amazing to watch and film. I used my camera phone so the video quality is very poor and we are very much aware of that to all the critics out there. You be the judge and comments will be appreciated. Any inappropriate comments will be removed. We are not claiming this object is extraterrestrial , but it definitely by all definitions is a UFO Thank you

    Friday, 18 April 2014

    ovni en Marcahuasi Abril 2014 (2)

    Aquí les dejo otro video como recuerdo de lo que pase a 4000msnm en Marcahuasi ,, 
    Fui con algunos amigos para acampar por tres días y en el 3cer dia es donde se presento esta esfera plateada nuevamente , días antes pude meditar y pedirles que se presentaran ,,, 
    La meditación es el paso mas correcto para poderlos ver pero no siempre podrán presentarse ,asi que hay que tener mucha paciencia para estos eventos .
    Espero pronto retornar y traer nuevos materiales,, esto solo es el primer paso sobre el contacto con posibles seres de otro planeta o podría ser nuestra propia tecnología .. gracias . Buenas vibras a todos.

    Thursday, 20 March 2014

    UFOs Over Brazil Leave Witnesses Confused 19 March 2014

    What were the strange static lights at high altitude over Brazil yesterday?

    Two witnesses to UFO sighting! Two extremely bright lights stay static in the sky while being recorded.
    With a static position the hover in the same spot which is odd as balloons have a weave even when tied together, blowy day or calm day, one balloon is always turning different to the other as they are light in weight.

    UFOs like this have been recorded numerous times and walla!! Mexico and Brazil are the oves who mainy get to see these odd things during the day.
    Mexico military respect that UFOs in some cases are ET in flight characteristics, flight we are unaware of at this time or any past time, and do not attack or chase the objects as they have no threat to mankind.
    Brazil run under the same rules as their northern friends.

    What do you think of this video?

    Dr. Rober Wood confirma la existencia de extraterrestres en el gobierno ...